Dr. Konstantinos Karayannakos

Executive Officer

Mr. Karayannakos is Executive Director of Gas Supply, Commercial and International Activities in DEPA S.A, the Public Gas Corporation of Greece. He first joined DEPA in 1995 in the Strategic Planning Department. Immediately after that he was employed in various governmental positions such as advisor on energy matters in the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Technology and Vice President in the Consignment and Loans Fund. From 2001 to 2004 Mr. Karayannakos held the position of General Director in the Ministry of National Defence, focusing on strategy, diplomatic policy and administration. He also served as Head of the Subsidiaries department in DEPA and Head of the Commercial department, managing key power generation and industry accounts.

As Executive Director, Mr. Karayannakos is involved in the Poseidon project. IGI –Poseidon S.A., in which he is appointed Member of BoD, participates equally with Bulgarian Energy Holding in the ICGB AD, the company that is responsible for developing, constructing and operating the Interconnector between Greece and Bulgaria (IGB Interconnector).

Mr. Karayannakos is appointed Executive Officer in ICGB AD, where he is also a member of the BoD. Mr. Karayannakos holds a PhD in Engineering (Dr.-Ing) from RWTH Aachen University in Germany, where he also obtained his Fuel Engineering diploma (Dipl.- Ing.)