Michael Philippou

Hellenic Energy Exchange

Michael Philippou holds a Diploma in Electrical Engineering from the University of Patras and a Master’s degree from Clarkson University, New York.

He worked for the Public Power Corporation of Greece (PPC SA) for 16 years holding several positions of responsibility including Chief Dispatcher, Support Engineer, Design Engineer, and Project Manager.

He joined HTSO SA in 2001, and was appointed Director of the Day Ahead Scheduling Operations Department in 2004. Following the spin-off of HTSO and the creation of LAGIE S.A. in 2011, he initially assumed the duties of Executive Director of the Power Exchange Department and became the Chairman & CEO of LAGIE S.A. in 2016.

As of 2018, he is the CEO of HEnEx and EnExClear.

His professional interests and expertise are in:

  • Economic Dispatch, Unit Commitment and Electricity Costing,
  • Ancillary Services Engineering and Market Practices,
  • Automatic Generation Control – AGC (Controller design and tuning),
  • Real Time Generation (Data Base Modelling, Tuning and Maintenance),
  • Architecture and Design of Energy Control Center Information Systems,
  • Electricity Markets – Cross Border Trading & Regulatory Practices.

His published work includes more than 30 publications in journals, roundtables and International Conferences.