Socrates Famellos

Alternate Minister, Ministry of Environment & Energy

Personal Data

Place and Date of Birth: Born in Athens in 1966 but was raised in Thessaloniki.

Marital Status: Married with one son.

Occupation: Chemical Engineer, MSc in Environmental Planning

Studies: Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki, Hellenic Open University

Parliamentary Activities

Elected as a Member of the Parliament with SYRIZA at B’ Thessalonikis in January 2015. Re-elected in September 2015.

Appointed as a Parliamentary Representative of SYRIZA in October 2015

Appointed as a Chairman of the Inquiry Commission of the Parliament in April 2016, aiming to investigate the legality of the bank loans given to Political Parties and Mass Media owners.

Appointed as an Alternate Minister of Environment & Energy in November 2016.

Politic Activities

Candidate in the Municipality Elections of 2014 at Thermi Municipality

Thermi Municipal Director since 2006. Appointed as a Deputy Mayor, Chairman in the Public Consultation Committee, President in the Municipal Enterprise for Culture, Environment and Sports.

Member of the Committee for the Environment, Spatial Planning and Infrastructure in the Association of Municipalities of Greece.

Board Member of the Solid Waste Management Agency at Central Macedonia Region, Greece.

Founding member of the parties: Coalition of the Left and SYRIZA

Member of the Prefecture Committee of SYRIZA in B’ Thessalonikis

Social Activity

Member of SOSTE TO NERO (Save the Water) Committee.

Member of the Association of Friends and Supporters of a free, self managed National Radio and Television of Northern Greece (ERT3)

Member of the Social Clinic, expressing solidarity towards the poorest citizens of Thermi.

Member of the Inter-Municipal Commission regarding the Tagarades Landfill

Trade Union Activities

Elected in the Board of the Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE-TCG) from 1997 till 2015.

Elected in the National Delegation of the Technical Chamber of Greece from 2003 till 2015.

Head of the faction “Radical Initiative of Engineers”

Has experience working as: President of the Delegation of TCG, Member of the Executive Committee and Chairman of the Environment Committee, Member of the Administrations of the Hellenic Association of Engineers.

Scientific Activities

Scientific activities in: Environment Engineering, Water Resources, Recycling, Solid and Liquid Waste Management.

Development Manager of the Development Agency for the Municipalities of Eastern Thessaloniki, ANATOLIKI SA (2001-2013).

In charge of management of trans-national European projects and initiatives, as well as recycling operations