Xavier L. Rousseau

Head of Corporate Strategy

Xavier is Snam’s Head of Corporate Strategy, investigating long term future of gas scenarios, decarbonization pathways, innovation and strategy initiatives. Snam is the largest gas infrastructure operator in Europe with assets in Italy, France, UK, Austria and more recently in Greece and new businesses focusing on gas use in transport sector, biomethane production and small scale liquefaction plants.

Xavier has a 10+ years professional experience in the energy business, maturated as consultant in McKinsey & Company, working in the gas and power sectors focusing on strategy and regulatory projects. Early promoter of the Cleantech initiative, he supported energy companies in defining their energy transition pathway and coordinated a global network of practitioners focusing on knowledge development on energy and climate change.

He has an extensive, international and diversified working experience with operators along the gas and power value chain, such as utilities, independent power producers, midstream gas and Government institutions in Italy, Europe, Japan, US, as well as in emerging markets (ASEAN and LatAm).