Yannis Bassias

President & CEO
Hellenic Hydrocarbon Resources Management

Yannis Bassias was appointed in November 2016 Chairman and CEO of the Hellenic Hydrocarbon Resources Management SA (HHRM) for a five year term. He has 30 years of international business experience in geology and geophysics, in technical projects and corporate management for reservoir evaluation, creating portfolio of oil and gas resources and the contribution of human resources and of international relations. Between 2012-2016 he consulted in the evaluations of research permits, with country authorities partners and local stakeholders in frontier offshore hydrocarbon bearing sedimentary basins in West Africa, Mauritania, in the Mozambique Channel, the Central-Southern Atlantic, and the French overseas departments which are under European legislation. Between 1997 and 2012 he conducted an evaluation team prospecting in Texas, Colombia, Yemen, Senegal, Venezuela, Tunisia, Congo and created an exploration portfolio in the Paris Basin and in Tunisia. In the service business, he was President and CEO of the Georex group for 20 years, he demerered the exploration assets from the service activities in geology and geophysics and created subsidiaries for the provision of services in France, Tunisia, United Kingdom and Republic of Congo. He managed multiannual programs such as the creation of a database of hydrocarbon reservoirs for the CIS republics in cooperation with the Institutes IFP and VNIGNI, the merger of databases of companies Total, PetroFina and Elf, the digital storage of seismic data of the National Petroleum Company of the Republic of the Congo (SNPC). Before joining the petroleum industry had an academic career in the Free University of Berlin with main research focus the Pre-Cambrian of Anti-Atlas (Morocco) and then as Associate Professor in Geology at the National Museum of Natural History in Paris working on the sedimentary basins and ridges of the Indian Ocean. He holds a PhD in Geology (Paris 1984), degree in Geology from the University of Athens (1979), diploma in Economics from French Institute of Management, IFG (1994) and Management-Marketing Certificate from the Business School of Paris, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, CCIP (1989). He is author or co-author of more than 30 publications in international scientific or industry journals on the Indian Ocean, Central-South Atlatinc, France, Greece, Morocc, and co-editor of 3 reports of the TAAF (Terres Australes et Antarctiques Fran├žaises) sea campaigns in the Indian Ocean.